Welcome to our Southwest Weekly newsletter. On Fridays we share things we've published and things to do for the weekend.  

Before we get to that, some breaking news: On the fourteenth day of the strike, the educators union and MPS have reached a deal. According to MFT 59, members of both chapters of the union are expected to vote on the tentative agreements over the weekend. If the teachers and ESPs vote to approve the tentative agreement, then they will go back to work on Monday. We will keep you updated on social media today if there are any other developments.

Here's a roundup of what we published this week

Melissa Whitler wrote about how teachers of color are often disproportionately impacted by layoffs and how the union contract negotiations were attempting to correct the inequity.

I wrote up a piece about a development plan that would demolish Lake Harriet Christian Church and replace it with a five-story apartment and commercial building. Update: I attended the Planning Commission Committee meeting yesterday where this plan was on the agenda. There was a short discussion about reusing materials from the church in the new development to honor the church's legacy in the community.

We covered a public safety conversation hosted by City Council Vice President Linea Palmisano. Many people from the community shared their experience with public safety during the meeting. Afterwards, we invited people to share their reflections on the conversations.

We also published a recap of reader responses on topics including student transportation and supporting people in Ukraine. Ok, technically we published this last Friday afternoon, but who's counting?

Here's what other cool people, like yourself, dug into this week in our newsletter

It was the tweet heard around the neighborhood: After a neighbor posted a photo on Twitter of an Uptown apartment that very clearly had a Nazi flag hanging up, other neighbors contacted the apartment building's landlord. As reported by Racket, the landlord publicly stated they were moving to evict the people in that apartment.

Hey kids, the City of Minneapolis has a very entertaining TikTok account!

Sahan Journal wrote about how Hennepin Healthcare demoted the Filipino American head of its OB-GYN department for her ‘colorblind’ approach to race and her opposition to ‘racially segregated’ care.


Our events calendar is filled with unique events happening around town. You can submit events to be added to our calendar here. If you subscribe to the calendar, the events go straight to your personal calendar. 🤯


Samatha Moon is performing at Pimento's Rum Bar tonight, "giving our souls a variety of music to make us feel stress-free." Music starts at 7 p.m. If you are feeling it, stay for the DJ Effa's after party. 🌙

Transmission is back-ish! Tonight at the Uptown VFW, is "Friday I'm in Love: A New Wave Music Video Dance Party" with Transmission Music's DJ Shane Kramer. If last night's pop-punk revival was a bit young for you, this may be more your style.

Vilification Tennis returns to Bryant Lake Bowl. Vilification Tennis novices will be given the opportunity to try out for the show live on stage in "the grueling crucible of comedic insult combat." This sounds both delightful and terrifying.


The great blue herons are returning to Minneapolis for the spring. Join Park Ranger Sharon at Marshall Terrace Park to watch them rebuild nests. The guided bird show starts at 11 a.m.

I am already calling the perfect event of the weekend: Midtown Global Market's Chili Cook-Off. It's going to be cold out so let's just pretend it's winter again. For fun? Noon-2 p.m, 11 chefs, lots of chili.


Mia is hosting a conversation on art and grief. "The Art of Celebrating Loss" will be conversation with altar builders facilitated by Khusaba Seka. The in-person event is sold out but thankfully you can join the conversation virtually.

It's an organ recital! David Hurd, known for his eclectic music style with improvisations, is playing at Mt. Olive Church Lutheran Church. Hurd is "one of the foremost church musicians and concert organists in the United States." Sounds like a fantastic way to enjoy a late Sunday afternoon.