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No Peace, No Future

“A core belief in the power of community is what gives me hope. How can we organize?” -Leslie M., Lowry Hill East

Get it right or pay the price: it’s Stevens Square-Loring Heights

After publishing our neighborhood guide of Stevens Square, a few readers let us know that the name of the neighborhood is Stevens Square-Loring Heights. We are in the business of reporting accurate information. We shall use the neighborhood’s full name moving forward. Thank you for getting in touch about this. Also, check out this detailed Wikipedia entry on the neighborhood.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Shovel Sidewalks

Houses undergoing renovations and houses for sale in which the owners appear to have moved out and lots with houses torn down do not clear their sidewalks. In these situations who is responsible to clear the sidewalks? I have reported these situations to the city. Maybe a week or so later these sidewalks were cleared. I am very discouraged that the city is moving ahead with the 2040 plan but ignoring the winter needs for people with limited ambulation abilities including those in wheelchairs and using walkers, canes and crutches, also parents pushing baby carriages. -Louise C.

New development at 5009 Beard Ave. will replace church

Quick follow-up on the 5009 Beard Ave apartments development: the developer made a presentation to the Fulton Neighborhood association last night (April 13th). I think refinement of the development is still on-going, though the developer is open to comments and questions now based on their existing plan. Not sure if things have changed since they went to the planning commission on March 24th, but the FNA folks should have the presentation from Wednesday night. I'll keep an ear out for the public hearing date when it's scheduled. Also CM Palmisano was there and explained that she is obligated to stay neutral on the development until the final proposal is submitted and the public comment hearing has been held. -Todd S., Fulton

Metro Mobility Needs More Resources

I'm not sure if this is true, but I have heard that Metro Mobility's funding comes out of the same pool as the general transit buses, and that it is projected that there will be shortfalls in the entire system, partly because of how expensive it is to operate MM. Maybe MM should be removed from the transit system so that it can be its own budget item, and so that we don't end up with a zero-sum game (fight) between riders of conventional transit and MM? - Robert G., East Bde Maka Ska

What is the Comprehensive District Design?

Please don't be another source of constant criticism. As you stated this morning - The Comprehensive District Design has been referenced in multiple Southwest Voices pieces as a variable in transportation woes, enrollment declines, and students dealing with the emotions of having to abruptly change where they go to school. I don't have school-aged children and have tried to objectively understand the plan and issues from the start so I could constructively engage with neighbors and other community members. School boards and superintendents have extremely hard jobs. Parents want what's best for their child(ren). Superintendents don't sit around devising plans to upset parents. Please provide multiple-sided coverage of the issues. Thank you. -Laura H., South Uptown

To have the Kenwood Elementary students go to Anwatin Middle School and North High instead of Anthony Middle School and Southwest High is to send them to St. Louis Park or to charter and private schools. Idealism must be tempered with realism. -Gary F., East Bde Maka Ska

I am an MPS parent to an 8th grader and a future kindergartner. I moved to Mpls 10 years ago from the suburbs and I believe strongly in public education. My oldest, an advanced learner, has been impacted in his education by; the death of his 4th-grade teacher, being fully remote for the last part of his 6th-grade, all of his 7th-grade year, and part of his 8th-grade year, and will be by the school day and year extension. He also had to say goodbye to the school he had gone to since kindergarten due to the CDD restructuring. -Liz T., Kingfield

Last in, first out teacher layoffs

I wonder about the role of the Superintendent and the School Board to work things out. While MFT and the District seem to reach different conclusions about their math, it sometimes seems like the District doesn't disagree with MFT's goals as much as they feel the higher ups need to put more money in the system. But I would like to bear that out some more. Is there something more that Ed Graff or the School Board can do to make the math work for everyone? I don't really understand the power and function of those roles in sufficient depth to know if they could do better. -Eddie G.

This is an interesting issue. I imagine it is causing some conflict within the Union itself because if you eliminate the [first in, first out rule] then you eliminate seniority protections which is a very strong Union component. Real issues for sure. I just wish our kids were not in the middle of a conflict between grown-ups. -Pat S.

I'm disappointed with the emphasis on the intrigue about whether MFT pulled back the MOA or not. Seems like you have some parties here (Eric Moore, Kim Ellison, Kenneth Eban) who are very interested in MFT looking badly right now, who are forming the basis of the narrative. Maybe there's an interesting story after the strike about how we got to the final agreement on teachers of color, but right now this article feels like a tool of district leadership to break the strike and sour public sentiment toward MFT.  -Garrett P.

I would be interested in reading a follow up with an analysis of whether or not the new contract language insulating teachers of color from layoffs is likely to be found to be legal/illegal. For example, Wygant vs. Jackson Board of Education found a similar clause to violate the 14th amendment, but it was a split decision. How has the contractual clause in question been worded to withstand constitutional scrutiny? -Erik R.