It’s good news when any neighborhood gets an ice cream shop, but this one is actually major news for Kingfield.

Sebastian Joe’s is opening up a scoop shop at 4301 Nicollet Ave. called Sebastian Joe's Kingfield Social.  

And we can thank the kids for that.

A group of kids who live in Kingfield wrote a letter to Southwest Voices in February asking for an ice cream shop in Kingfield.  

“Having an ice cream shop at a walkable distance would be amazing for us because currently there are none near us,” the letter to the editor, signed by 21 kids, reads.

A picture of the letter to Southwest Voices asking for an ice cream shop in Kingfield. Photo by Melody Hoffmann

The location of Sebastian Joe's Kingfield Social, 43rd and Nicollet, was also highlighted by the kids as a prime spot.

“It would be super accessible to lots of kids in our neighborhood,” the letter reads.

Sebastian Joe’s initially said it wasn’t interested in opening up a scoop shop when Southwest Voices first reported on this story in March.

The local ice cream company, with locations in Linden Hills and Lowry Hill, reconsidered opening up a shop after the recent closure of Apoy, a Filipino restaurant, at 4301 Nicollet Ave. Sebastian Joe’s owns the building and manufactures its ice cream in the back of the building.

The timing with Apoy closing and the encouragement from the kids made Sebastian Joe's change its mind, according to the company's managing partner, Nic Groth.

The kids had pitched Sebastian Joe’s in their letter, too.

“The [Sebastian Joe’s] factory is right across the corner so it would be perfect,” the letter read.

Sebastian Joe’s Kingfield Social will have cones, scoops, sundaes, and dipped cones. It will also have a “fun new twist” on ice cream, not available at other locations. More details to come. Sebastian Joe’s is in its 40th year of business in Southwest Minneapolis.

An opening date will be announced soon.