Compassionate Action for Animals behind many local vegan events

Compassionate Action for Animals behind many local vegan events. The Whittier-based animal advocacy group brings awareness to the treatment of animals and builds community across Minnesota. LOCAL BUSINESS. WHITTIER. Anna Koenning.
So many birthdays, watch Hennepin County Attorney forum, cheap drinks

So many birthdays, watch Hennepin County Attorney forum, cheap drinks. Good morning, Southwest. NEWSLETTER. Melody Hoffmann. This building housed Sunrise Cycles after they moved out of their original location at Lake & Bryant (the former Mucci's locale).
Meet your Neighbor, Shofar on the Lake, Mario Kart at Up-Down

A group of 12 women-owned vintage stores across Minneapolis, many of whom are in Southwest Minneapolis, are organizing the. Vintage Fall Crawl. Buy a passport and get a one-time 15% off discount at each participating store, with proceeds benefiting.
Babble Lab experiments with sound and communication for the youngest of kids

The one-woman play breaks many theater rules and elicits joyful feedback from the crowd. WHITTIER. arts &entertainment. Melody Hoffmann. The “Babble Lab” scientist explores sounds outside of her laboratory. Photo courtesy of Glen Stubbe.
A day in Hennepin County housing court

A day in Hennepin County housing court.Evictions, settlements with steep payment plans and many tenant no-shows fill a day of non-stop cases. Anna Koenning. Housing court happens at the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis.
New police chief candidly talks about youth violence, police policies

Police Chief Brian O’Hara said he is “blown away” by many police policies and wants to enact change. PUBLIC SAFETY. Melody Hoffmann. Brian O'Hara talks with residents at Southwest High School on December 12.
SK Coffee Opens Coffee Shop in Whittier

SK Coffee opened its doors on February 4, making it one of many coffee shops at 2401 Lyndale Ave. S. since 1990. LOCAL BUSINESS. WHITTIER. Melody Hoffmann. The Whittier SK Coffee service counter. Photo by Charlie Rybak.
What Mike Norton's Campaign Supported

I stood together with many other progressive city council and mayoral candidates. Palmisano and I discussed our differing positions in-person on stage of the.
Minneapolis’ Lost Neighborhood: Cottage City

This first settlement is known by many names; Reyataotonwe by the Mdewakanton Dakotans who called this community home, Cloud Man's Village by anglicized historians, and as Eatonville by those who lived at Fort Snelling at the time. Reyataotonwe.
Hennepin County, Soo Line Garden have opportunity to make gardening more accessible

Many are talking about how a path could negatively impact a garden. But, is everyone missing that this may be a great chance to make the outdoor hobby more accessible? Michael Sack.