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Here's a roundup of what we published this week
‍At the end of last week, MPS gave some high school principals the green light to integrate more flexibility in how the extended school year's extra minutes are utilized. Melissa Whitler covered this alongside a school board meeting that contained almost two hours of public comment about the extended school year calendar. The extended school year is part of the post-strike, return to work agreement between the district and the MFT teacher and ESP chapters.
Melissa also covered this week's school board meeting that focused on capital planning investments for Northside schools and the status of MPS's surplus facilities.
I swung by Guse Hardware this week to ask about the closing of Guse Green Grocer. We will let you know once a new business has been decided for the Green Grocer space.
Hot off the presses is an article about the competing priorities of the Soo Line Community Garden and Hennepin County regarding an ADA-compliant ramp set to be constructed through the garden.

What you may have missed on our social media
We launched our Laundromats of Southwest series on Instagram, which will eventually turn into a laundromat guide. Stayed tuned.
We covered of the MFT 59 teachers and ESP protest outside the Davis Center on Tuesday.
Melissa's live-tweeted of Tuesday's MPS Committee of the Whole meeting.

Here's what our daily subscribers dug into this week
Many readers were excited to read about the warm summer predicted by NOAA.
Teachers of color are speaking out about their experiences during the MFT 59 strike.
A lot of people checked out the news that the new and bigger Buludo opened up.
And yesterday, many readers dug into the following resources regarding theMinnesota Department of Human Rights' report on the MPD:
Axios broke down the core aspects of the report, the Minnesota Reformer highlighted the "jaw dropping" aspects of the report, and Jon Collins of MPR News live tweeted the press conference Mayor Jacob Frey and other city leaders held Wednesday about the report.


Our events calendar is filled with unique events happening around town. You can submit events to be added to our calendar here. If you subscribe to the calendar, the events go straight to your personal calendar. Or you can add just the events you like.  🤯

Watch the Barcelona Flamenco Ballet perform at The Granda Theater tonight.

Local Americana bands Cosmoline and Red Dog Band play at Dirftwood Charbar.

At the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, Bring Your Kids!, a comedy variety show for kids and their grown ups. Perfect for ages 5 and up.

At VFW Uptown is Electric Feel, a dance night full of nostalgia. Playing all the indie pop, rock, and dance hit you know and love from the 00’s. Because the 2000s are nostalgic now. Cool. #old

Daniel Volovets is performing classical guitar at the Lakewood Memorial Chapel.

Espada and King Otto are hosting a dance party at Icehouse.

Apologies for spelling Espada's name incorrectly in the emailed newsletter -M