What is the Comprehensive District Design?

The CDD includes a five year capital plan to address the reconfiguration of schools.

School Board Meeting Wrap-up: November 9th

The board meeting started with updates on the CDD, which was approved just as the pandemic started in April 2020.

What is the Comprehensive District Design? a new Prince mural and LBGTQ+ game night

If you aren't deeply involved with the Minneapolis Public School system, you may not know the CDD from any other acronym that gets thrown around.

The MPS CDD and new financial update, a new Uptown cafe, weekend events to indulge in

The MPS CDD and new financial update, a new Uptown cafe, weekend events to indulge in. Melody Hoffmann. Lake Harriet with the sun peaking out from the horizon. Photo submitted by Den Nordstrum. Welcome to our weekly newsletter.

MPS Committee Discusses Northside Investments, Surplus Buildings

As part of the CDD, Bethune Elementary School became a citywide elementary arts magnet school. Construction has started there for the addition of a new performance space.

Metro Transit Needs Better Options for High School Students

A Metro Transit representative responded to my proposal, stating, “We’re aware that travel patterns are likely to shift now that MPS has begun phasing in the new CDD attendance boundaries.

MPS is Quietly Facing a Budget Emergency

The district faced an unexpectedly large decline in enrollment in 2021-22 following the COVID pandemic and the implementation of the Comprehensive District Design or CDD. The combination led to a nearly 7% drop in enrollment.

How the pandemic led a Barton Community School teacher to vote to strike

On top of all of that, the district was going forward with the CDD, which redesigned the whole district, despite being in the middle of a pandemic.

The Hockey Parents of Minneapolis

The CDD has been hard on kids, changing around their school communities. The teachers strike. Our kids are out of school for I don’t know how long. COVID! But Drew wanted to play for Joe. Having strong leadership at the head of the program was key.

Voices of Southwest: MPS district design, teacher layoffs, and neighborhoods names

He also had to say goodbye to the school he had gone to since kindergarten due to the CDD restructuring. -Liz T. Kingfield. Last in, first out teacher layoffs. I wonder about the role of the Superintendent and the School Board to work things out.